It was so nice to see Game Devs of Color Expo speakers get recognized at Game UX Summit πŸ₯Ή

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September milestones:
βœ… Game Devs of Color Expo (Internet)
βœ… Game UX Summit (Bellevue)
πŸ”² Friends' wedding (LA)
πŸ”² All Turtles leadership offsite (Berkeley)

Made it through the biggest stressors, now for the quick slide to victory πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸΎ

We've got great speakers from both the indie and AAA world as always! I'm READY to be INSPIRED; maybe it'll help me finish my game faster lmao

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Game Devs of Color Expo is *this week* and it's only $20 for access four whole days of extremely good game dev insights and community vibes. If you have not gotten a ticket yet, ya gotta do that today.

oh yeah it might be good to share stuff I'm working on... I'm slowly chugging away at another game; it's gonna be a long time before it looks like anything good and that's ok!

not sure why but it expires every 3 months.... ANYWAY that's a December Catt problem HEYOOOOO haha

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omg it's been so long since I last posted because my security cert expired lol

Whether it's for capitalism, non-profit idealism, or artistic endeavor, a work culture built on worker sacrifice, as described here, is Bad.

I don't know of a primary care alternative beyond suffering through ZocDoc cancellations again. And I'll probably have to wait an hour to get primary care, just like the olden days. End of an era.

Ugh Blahmazon bought One Medical so now they've ruined yet another nice thing

In my 15+ years working I've never been laid off before today! If you work at a cool company boy would I like to learn more about your front end development team. DMs open!

Amendment: "abuse" was the right word. It's so tempting to downplay emotional abuse because the receipts can be harder to track.

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Shout outs to my friends that are willing to sit on a call with me for an hour and work on our respective games, I wouldn't write a single line of code without you

I mostly post art here, but in my professional life, I helped found a technology cooperative with some amazing and talented people.

We did a little post about the process of becoming a legally recognized worker-owned co-op in New York. If you've ever been curious about alternative ways of organizing your business, give it a read!

My body is so disloyal. I feed it and do nice things for it, and it repays me with pain.

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