Re: the content warning, "abuse" is probably a strong word. It's probably more like "dealing with meanness" but anyway hopefully the point still comes across.

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Intercommunity abuse / trauma 

I was avoiding game dev so much that the only times I'd work on it were during a monthly hourlong coworking session called "game dev accountability" oops

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My partner and I sublet our place and drove up to New Hampshire for the summer with our fuzzfriends. The cats have already acclimated. I'm coming around to it. Love NYC, but I'm glad I'll miss the sauna that is its June and July.

First time in my life that I've seen a major American outlet translate an article into something I understand from growing up. It even goes into how the US robbed Haiti. I'd recommend reading it. (

ONE LAST DAY until the hot-blooded lesbian road trip RPG for justice Get in the Car, Loser! goes from free to paid! Pick it up now or add it to your wishlist!


Shout outs to the driving school for scheduling a 45-minute prep session right before that because that's what saved me from failing again 😎πŸ₯΄

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Can't believe I passed even though I was on 5 hours of sleep. I knew my flight home from LA would have delays, but no other test times were available. Do not take an 8:45am road test the morning after getting home at 1am.

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3 tries and I finally beat the NYC road test πŸ₯Ή I got exactly 30 points lmaoooo

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