oh yeah it might be good to share stuff I'm working on... I'm slowly chugging away at another game; it's gonna be a long time before it looks like anything good and that's ok!

My partner and I sublet our place and drove up to New Hampshire for the summer with our fuzzfriends. The cats have already acclimated. I'm coming around to it. Love NYC, but I'm glad I'll miss the sauna that is its June and July.

Hey , submissions for 2022 close in less than 8 hours! HURRRYYYYY gamedevsofcolorexpo.com/

We pay you to speak, and submitting your game is FREE. If you're a person of color in games, we want to support YOU. All types of games are welcome β€” digital, analog, we love them all. And new speakers are very welcome.

Submit what you got ASAP!


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